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Mauzie has been working with fine jewelry for more than 20 years and has been in the Centennial area for over a decade helping Colorado residents restore and repair their antique, estate or just broken jewelry.

Over the years Mauzie has seen it all and has made some amazing restorations of pieces that looked to be “beyond repair”.

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Jewelry Restoration: Old World Skills Meet Modern Techniques!

Jewelry restoration is the ultimate challenge for any jeweler. Because pieces in need of restoration often require multiple repairs the work is often a combination of all repair disciplines. Add to that the challenge of matching materials and styles when it comes to antique or estate jewelry and you can see how complicated proper restoration work can become. It requires the jeweler to walk the line between old world methods and materials and modern techniques.

This combination of old and new world skills is something that Mauzie excels at!

In some cases, the process of jewelry restoration borders on custom design work as the pieces need such extensive restoration that sketches and computer-aided design images are required. Custom work is at the heart of what Mauzie’s Fine Jewelry does and so this type of restoration work is, again, something that Mauzie excels at.

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Mauzie’s Fine Jewelry is located in Centennial and has been for the last 13 years. Mauzie has been working in jewelry design, repair and sales for more than 20 years. Bolstered by a degree in metalworking, Mauzie is your local repair expert.

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