"I almost don't want to give them a glowing review because I want to keep this gem to myself. But alas, the urge to Yelp and share the good cheer got the better of me. First of all, thanks Yelpers for leading me here! I was needing a new watch battery and wanted to have my rings checked, buffed and re-rhodiumed as they were starting to yellow. Not only are they super affordable, they really did take care of my needs while I waited! It probably took them 10 minutes for everything, and it was only $10 for the battery and $25 for the rings. Yay! Considering the same service on my rings has cost $100 in Cherry Creek, I was prepared to pay much more and incredibly happy when that wasn't the case. I have other jewelry that needs work and I'm certain I'll be coming here. What a great little find!"