Welcome to Mauzie’s custom fine jewelry, gifts, and art!

Martha Mays (Mauzie) designs and crafts beautiful, one-of-a-kind, jewelry and art through a careful process which reflects her incredible skill and abundant passion. Mauzie sets herself apart from the world of mass production by creating original pieces that evoke not only the individuality of those graced with her work, but provide a tangible aesthetic for the wearer.

One of the things that makes Mauzie’s work so appealing is the finished product is clearly created though a labor of love originating from inspiration she garners from her clients and the world around her. She welcomes the opportunity to include her client’s precious stones into their commissions which further enhance the uniqueness and beauty of her creations.

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About Mauzie

Mauzie’s is owned and operated by the talented Martha A. Mays (Mauzie). An innately skilled and creative artist, Mauzie came to Colorado over 22 years ago to pursue a career in art and jewelry design. Bolstered by a Bachelor’s of Fine Art (BFA) from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, with a dual emphasis in painting and metal smithing, Mauzie has had the opportunity to work with many prominent Colorado jewelers, lending credence and further ability to her already impressive

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Mauzie's Designs

In addition to custom work, a complete line of finished and semi-finished pieces are available. Mauzie fills her showcases with an array of her personal designs ready for purchase. These items can be altered or added to based on

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Mauzie's Custom Jewelry

At the heart of Mauzie’s artwork and jewelry is her passion for creating custom pieces. An artisan in the truest sense, she immerses herself in each and every project, bringing to life the creative process resulting in distinctively thoughtful

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Jewelry Repair Service

[caption id="attachment_81" align="alignleft" width="259"] Mauzie has more than two decades of experience in fine jewelry repair.[/caption] Mauzie and her team of local jewelers are trained in all types of jewelry repair and restoration. From ring resizing to pearl restringing, Mauzie and her team have seen it and done it. In most cases, an estimate

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"I came here to have a watch fixed and see how long it would take to buff and rhodium dip my wedding ring and right hand ring. It usually takes a week to have my rings serviced at a larger jewelery. Turns out, they were able to do it while I waited! Mauzie is very kind and fair. I left with gorgeous cleaned jewelry, a fixed watch, and a place that I'll take any piece of jewelry for repairs or cleaning! Highly recommended."
Melissa H.