Mauzie’s Custom Jewelry

From Vision

Hand drawn custom wedding ring design by Mauzie

To Reality

Example of jewelry design from idea, to paper, to an actual ring
At the heart of Mauzie’s Fine Jewelry is a passion for creating one-of-a-kind custom pieces that incorporate your own style, inspiration, and personality. Mauzie will guide you through every step of the process and help develop your idea into a beautiful piece of art that you can cherish for years to come. Mauzie combines old-world artistry, years of experience and modern tools to take you through a jewelry design process that is comprehensive, detailed, and creative. Here’s just a short overview of what Mauzie can do:
  • Custom Wedding Rings
  • Custom Engagement Rings
  • Uniquely Designed Necklaces, Bracelets, Earring and More!
  • Mauzie Can Work In Materials From Existing Pieces To Create A Mix Of Old and New!
Mauzie designs and hand makes all jewelry from conception through completion. For commissioned pieces, the process can be a rewarding experience for all involved, as skill and passion are at the core of each piece of jewelry she creates. When clients bring an idea or inspiration for an original piece of jewelry, they walk away with tangible representation of that piece. Mauzie’s designs do not follow one specific trend or theme, rather, each is unique in form. She takes a holistic approach to the design process and the physical creation of each individually designed piece. Creating unique and original jewelry pieces requires a technically minded and creatively driven individual who is capable of incorporating the long-standing elements of form and function. Mauzie is such a person. Merging old world artistry with modern design tools, Mauzie’s design process is comprehensive, detailed, and creative.
  • Consultation– During a consultation for the commissioning of a piece of jewelry, Mauzie’s clients can expect to answer a host of questions for the purpose of creating a piece made to order. Such questions may include: What type of jewelry would you like created? What materials would you like used in your piece? Would you like to incorporate your own materials? Who is it for? Is it for a special occasion? What is the person like? Do you have a specific budget? Is there a deadline by which the piece should be completed? A mixture of technical and personal questions aid Mauzie in envisioning the right piece which will encompass the jewelry’s sentiment and wearer’s personality.
  • Deposit and Design– To begin the design process, Mauzie requires a non-refundable deposit. Upon deposit, she creates initial drawings and sketches based on the consultation. After sharing the design elements and sketches of the project, she clearly defines the design, budget, and timeline.
  • Sketch to CAD– After consultation with the client and subsequent approval of the final design sketches, Mauzie renders the image utilizing Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs. Such renderings further define the detail and intricacies of the piece which aids Mauzie in the final step in the jewelry design process.
  • Creation and Build– with CAD images on hand for technical reference in the build process, Mauzie’s passion comes to life with the physical creation of her design, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.
For further information about Mauzie’s designs, the process she follows, and requests for designs, please call (303) 779-9300.
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