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Mauzie is Your Centennial Ring Repair Expert

Martha Mays, ring repair expert for over two decades
Mauzie has more than two decades of experience in ring repair.

Mauzie has decades of experience in ring repair of all types. From stone replacements to polishing and restoration to resizing Mauzie has helped someone with your exact problem before. 

Mauzie has been serving the Centennial, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, and Denver area for more than 12 years and has more than two decades of experience in ring and other jewelry repairs.
Whether its a wedding ring, engagement ring, a family heirloom or just your favorite ring your jewelry is important to you.

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Our Ring Repair Services Cover It All!


    • Ring Resizing and Adjustment
    • Prong Replacement or Restoration
    • Prong Retipping
    • Shank Replacement or Repair
    • Gold Restoration
    • Soldering
    • Stone Replacement
    • Polishing and Restoration of All Ring Types

Ring Resizing and Adjustment

When it comes to your rings and jewelry, one size does not fit all! Rings can change sizes over the years and even subtle changes can cause your ring to just fit differently. Your jewelry should always be comfortable but also secure- why accept anything less? Mauzie can adjust and resize your ring to give you the perfect fit.

Prong Replacement or Restoration

Sometimes called claws, prongs are what hold the stone in place. When the prongs on your ring are worn or broken your stone is at risk for falling out. Mauzie can replace worn out prongs or retip and repair prongs that just need a little touch-up. Either way, Mauzie will make sure that your stone is in place and that your ring looks it’s best.

Shank Replacement Or Repair

The shank is an important but often underlooked part of a ring. The shank determines how a ring actually rests on the finger. Shanks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. The shank helps prevent the ring from spinning on the finger and helps prevent the ring from falling off altogether. If your ring is twirling or spinning on your finger, let Mauzie know about it.

Ring Restoration and Repair

Is your ring looking a little tired? Bring it in for a restoration and tune-up. Mauzie can help your ring look new again while checking for any issues with the claws, shanks and other components to prevent a problem before it happens.

Stone Replacement

There’s nothing worse than looking down expecting to see your beautiful ring and instead of seeing a missing diamond. Mauzie can replace a missing stone or replace an existing stone.