The pendant arrived late this afternoon and I absolutely love it!!! I knew it looked horrible in the original setting, but had no idea how brilliant it would look in the white gold with all the diamonds. It went from a piece of jewelry I wouldn’t think to wear to a piece I can’t wait to wear. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love the R on the back. My husband and son both thought there was a J as well – you’ve really made it very special. Thank you!


A friend referred me to Mauzies……I had a diamond pendent that I wanted redesigned. The result was absolutely beautiful! I have since bought other pieces of jewelry from Mauzies. The owner is very knowledgeable and the shop has such a friendly atmosphere.

Melissa H.

I came here to have a watch fixed and see how long it would take to buff and rhodium dip my wedding ring and right hand ring. It usually takes a week to have my rings serviced at a larger jewelery. Turns out, they were able to do it while I waited! Mauzie is very kind and fair. I left with gorgeous cleaned jewelry, a fixed watch, and a place that I’ll take any piece of jewelry for repairs or cleaning! Highly recommended.

Ruth C.

Mauzie is such a very nice and gracious person, I really always feel good going here. It is a quaint place with beautiful unique pieces. I got some rather large, handmade, hammered earrings here which I cherish each time I wear it.

I went to a charity event here with a friend years ago (I think this is how I got introduced to it…my friend asked me if I wanted to go), and now when we exchange gifts with each other, it seems to have a “Mauzie” theme. I have also gotten a few items here for my son’s girlfriends (wow, they are lucky, huh?).

This is also one of my go-to places to get any jewelry repaired. I got my mom’s “mothers ring” repaired here and they did a *great* job (the first place we went to tried to fix it, but they did not do a good job…but we didn’t want to go back there for them to correct it in case they continued to make it worse).

There is also watch service (separate from Mauzie’s, but shares space with them), where I have gotten batteries replaced, etc. all at a reasonable price.

Lisa W.

So grateful I found this place. I originally went to get my wedding band sized but Mauzie listened patiently and carefully to what I really wanted: to somehow combine my mama’s white gold wedding band with my own yellow gold wedding band. My husband & I are thrilled with the result!
Mauzie’s assistant was also great- he fixed a couple pairs of my earrings and cleaned them so well they looked brand new, right then & there. The NuWay watch repair that shares store space is also a nice asset.
Overall such a great little store. Obviously many other customers already knew it as she had several coming in while I was there. One were grandparents coming to pick up a custom ring they had made for their granddaughter who just graduated. That ring Mauzie created was simple yet stunning. When I saw it, I knew I could trust her to make something equally as beautiful and meaningful for me. I’m so glad I was right!

Jessica M.

I almost don’t want to give them a glowing review because I want to keep this gem to myself. But alas, the urge to Yelp and share the good cheer got the better of me.

First of all, thanks Yelpers for leading me here! I was needing a new watch battery and wanted to have my rings checked, buffed and re-rhodiumed as they were starting to yellow.

Not only are they super affordable, they really did take care of my needs while I waited! It probably took them 10 minutes for everything, and it was only $10 for the battery and $25 for the rings. Yay! Considering the same service on my rings has cost $100 in Cherry Creek, I was prepared to pay much more and incredibly happy when that wasn’t the case.

I have other jewelry that needs work and I’m certain I’ll be coming here. What a great little find!