"Mauzie is such a very nice and gracious person, I really always feel good going here. It is a quaint place with beautiful unique pieces. I got some rather large, handmade, hammered earrings here which I cherish each time I wear it. I went to a charity event here with a friend years ago (I think this is how I got introduced to it...my friend asked me if I wanted to go), and now when we exchange gifts with each other, it seems to have a "Mauzie" theme. I have also gotten a few items here for my son's girlfriends (wow, they are lucky, huh?). This is also one of my go-to places to get any jewelry repaired. I got my mom's "mothers ring" repaired here and they did a *great* job (the first place we went to tried to fix it, but they did not do a good job...but we didn't want to go back there for them to correct it in case they continued to make it worse). There is also watch service (separate from Mauzie's, but shares space with them), where I have gotten batteries replaced, etc. all at a reasonable price."